Chinese foreign policy


published: 1.07.2024

Taiwan and cross-Strait relations in a year of elections, with Bonnie Glaser and Abigaël Vasselier

As the status quo in the Taiwan Strait is increasingly unstable, what can we expect from Taiwan’s new president Lai Ching-te when it comes to navigating relations with China? How will the results of the EU elections affect Europe’s policies vis-à-vis Taiwan? And how might a change of government in the United States impact the situation? These are some of the questions Claudia Wessling, Director of Communications and Publications at MERICS discussed with Bonnie Glaser, Managing Director of GMF's Indo-Pacific program, and MERICS’ Director Policy & European Affairs Abigaël Vasselier in this edition of the MERICS China Podcast.


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About the speakers

Bonnie Glaser

managing director of GMF's Indo-Pacific program

Abigaël Vasselier

Director Research China's Foreign Relations (MERICS)

EU-China; Geopolitics; China´s foreign and security policy

Claudia Wessling

Director Communications and Publications at Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

Sino-German relations; Digitalization and tech development in China; China's Belt & Road Initiative