Jean-François Di Meglio

Jean-François Di Meglio

President, co-founder and contributor of Asia Center, Associate Professor at Sciences Po Paris, Ecole Doctorale Professor at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), Associate Professor at Université Paris Dauphine - PSL

Specialist in international and asian finance and banking sector

His research engages China’s Economy and economic history, China’s Energy Security and raw materials, International and Asian Finance and banking sector.

China Horizons publications

Chinese regional and global strategies

2024 Taïwan elections

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Chinese party-state politics

Pessimism in China: implication for Xi’s Leadership

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China Horizons events

Chinese regional and global strategies

Forbidden Secrets: The Black Box of Chinese Politics

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Chinese economy

How big is China’s global economic footprint: Takeaways for the European Union

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EU-China relations

The transformation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What is in it for Europe?

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Other publications

  • Une histoire économique de Shanghai, 1979-2009

    Di Meglio, J.F.

  • La nature "comme destin émanant du Ciel" d'après Mou Zongsan (La spécificité de la philosophie chinoise). In: Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident, 1983, n°3. le rapport à la nature: notes diverses. pp. 126-134

    Di Meglio, J.F.

  • Société de Stratégie - Agir n°46 : La Chine au milieu du monde 14 janv. 2012

    Di Meglio, J.F. (2012)

  • Société de Stratégie - Agir n°39 : Stratégie et organisation L'invention d'un pays perpétuel ? La permanence chinoise dans tous ses états

    Di Meglio, J.F.

  • Revue d'économie financière, n° 102, Banques, marchés financiers, 30 juin 2011, Le renminbi est-il une arme dans la «guerre des devises» asiatiques?

    Di Meglio, J.F. (2011)

  • “China and the Global Economic Crisis, Two Years On A comparison with Europe”, Routledge, ed. 2010

    Di Meglio, J.F. co-editor and writer (2010)

  • One chapter of « Framing China’s energy security », Routledge, ed. 2015

    Di Meglio, J.F. co-editor and writer (2015)

  • Yearly world commodities report « CyclOpe », China chapter since 2015

    Chalmin, P. general editor (English, Chinese and French version)

  • Asia Trends, issue n°7, special issue on Korea, with an introduction

    Di Meglio, J.F. (2021)

  • The Belt and Road initiative and global governance, Leuven Center for international governance studies, 2018 (one chapter)

    Di Meglio, J.F. (2018)

  • Asia chapter in « Le monde ne sera plus comme avant » under Pr Bertrand Badie’s and Pr Dominique Vidal’s editing leadership, Les liens qui libèrent ed., 13 October 2022

    Di Meglio, J.F. (2022)