Chinese foreign policy

Policy brief

published: 21.12.2023

Navigating Taiwan relations in 2024: Practical considerations for European policy makers

Helena Legarda

Abigaël Vasselier

On 13 January 2024, the Taiwanese people will vote for their next President, and with that the future of their relations with Beijing. China’s approach to relations with Taiwan has changed under President Xi Jinping, and this has led all of Taiwan’s political parties to reshape their policy platforms including related to the question of dialogue with Beijing, but also to their trade and economic strategies, as well as defense and foreign policy priorities.

This policy brief explores how, in the context of increased geopolitical tensions between the US and China, different results of Taiwan’s presidential elections might shape cross-Strait relations and regional dynamics. It analyzes how these results will affect Europe’s current approach to Taiwan and tensions in cross-Strait relations and identifies priorities to prepare for challenges ahead.

About authors

Helena Legarda

Lead Analyst at Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

China’s defense and security policies; Chinese foreign policy, geopolitical competition and risk

Abigaël Vasselier

Director Research China's Foreign Relations (MERICS)

EU-China; Geopolitics; China´s foreign and security policy