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published: 20.06.2023

Can Chinese growth defy gravity?

Alicia Garcia Herrero

China has become a crucial supplier of traded goods to the world market and a sizable consumer market for global companies. China’s role in the global economy has increased relentlessly in the last few years, but the rate of this growth has been decelerating since 2010, although the rate remains higher than most of China’s peers. Overall, China has contributed about a quarter of global growth in the last two decades.

In this context, understanding the extent of, and the reasons behind, China’s structural deceleration is clearly important for both China and the world. This paper discusses China’s growth potential for the next two decades, identifying the main challenges and the factors that could mitigate China’s structural deceleration.

About authors

Alicia Garcia Herrero

Chief Economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis, Senior Fellow at Bruegel, Non-resident Senior Follow at the East Asian Institute, Adjunct Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Economist specialized in monetary and financial issues in emerging markets, banking crises and resolution strategies, financial development