EU-China relations


published: 19.07.2023

How China approaches sanctions, with Francesca Ghiretti and Maria Shagina

Johannes Heller-John

Maria Shagina

International sanctions have become a common tool in the relationship between the US, the EU, and China in the last decade. If we add the sanctions on Russia in connection with its full-scale invasion of Ukraine into the mix and the question of Chinese adherence or circumvention of them, it seems high time that we devote some time to talking about Chinese thinking on this tool of international coercion.

In this episode of the MERICS China Podcast, we talk to MERICS Analyst Francesca Ghiretti, who has recently written a report on the evolution of China’s sanction regime, and IISS Senior Fellow Maria Shagina, who among other topics focusses her research on the issues of Russia and international sanctions. Questions by Johannes Heller-John.


Recommended reading:

  • How China imposes sanctions – A guide to the evolution of Beijing’s new policy tool, MERICS Report by Francesca Ghiretti
  • The imperative to build and sustain sanctioning coalitions, IISS Analysis by Maria Shagina
  • Russia faces the slow burn of economic sanctions, IISS Analysis by Maria Shagina

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About the speakers

Johannes Heller-John

Communications manager at MERICS

Maria Shagina

IISS Senior Fellow