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published: 26.01.2023

MERICS EU-China Opinion Pool: Calibrating interdependence with China

One of the EU’s most heated current debates about China concerns the question of how to reduce risks arising from interdependencies with the country. Over the last years, Beijing has demonstrated its readiness to make use of economic coercion. And the Covid-19 pandemic and looming geopolitical crisis over Taiwan has made Europe acutely aware of supply-chain risks. Business leaders and politicians in Europe are now discussing options to ensure competitiveness and economic resilience.

MERICS Analyst Grzegorz Stec has asked experts: “Calibrating interdependence with China - how should the EU proceed?” Among the experts are:

  • Jörg Wuttke, President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Luisa Santos, Deputy Director General at Business Europe
  • Friedolin Strack, Head of International Markets Department at BDI
  • Jürgen Matthes, Head of Global and Regional Markets Research Unit at the German Economic Institute
  • Francesca Ghiretti and François Chimits, Analysts at the MERICS Brussels office

About the speakers

Grzegorz Stec

Analyst (Brussels office) at Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

EU-China relations; Central and Eastern Europe-China relations