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published: 23.05.2024

MERICS EU-China Opinion Pool: MEPs' key lessons on EU-China policy during the last mandate

The upcoming June European Parliament (EP) elections will shape the political context of EU-China relations for the next five years. The current term-ending mandate has been dominated by building the policy tools and political narrative of a de-risking approach towards China, and the election results will influence Brussels' adherence to this agenda.

Grzegorz Stec, Head of MERICS Brussels Office, invited members from each of the five biggest political groups in the European Parliament to offer advice to the next incumbents by answering the following question: What are the key lessons learnt from the European Parliament’s work on China policy during the last mandate?


About the speakers

Grzegorz Stec

Analyst (Brussels office) at Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

EU-China relations; Central and Eastern Europe-China relations