Chinese society and culture

published: 16.10.2023

Chinese creative sector in the Xi Jinping era – between politics and the market

Cultural and Creative Sectors (CSS) are a robust part of the Chinese economy. With increasing central control in the Xi Jinping era, they are subject not only to the ebbs and flows of the ultra-competitive Chinese market, but also to the ever-changing policies of the state.

  • What is the specificity of the Chinese cultural field? What is it’s organisational and budgetary structure?
  • How far do the various regulators influence the CSS?
  • In what ways has the legal framework of CSS activity changed in recent years, and how does the censorship system work in practice?
  • What is the role of state-owned enterprises, and what are the local characteristics of the Chinese market?

The webinar will present the results of latest research of the CSS as part of the China Horizons project.


16th of October at 5 pm CET

Link to webinar

If you wish to join our live webinar, please follow the link here. Participants will be able to ask questions through the YouTube chat function. The recording of the webinar will be later available on YouTube and on the SWPS University website.


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About the speakers

Dorota Ilczuk

Professor at SWPS University

Economist, culture researcher and scholar, specialising in the creative economy

Marcin Jacoby

Associate Professor at SWPS University, Head of the Asian Civilisation Research Center

Sinologist, translator, cultural manager

Tamara Kamińska

PhD candidate at SWPS University

Manager specialising in the cultural and creative industry sector management and the design of sustainable development strategies through culture for municipalities