Chinese regional and global strategies


published: 25.09.2023

Explicit and Implicit: China’s Ambivalence about Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Asia Centre has recently published the ninth issue of Asia Trends in which Yitzhak Shichor from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The University of Haifa wrote an article about China’s attitude towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war as part of their work on China.

Based on a number of thorough considerations that Yitzhak Shichor discuss in the paper, Beijing is careful not to be involved in the Ukraine war and to take an ambivalent position. But the author does also show that this was not always the case.

To understand the Chinese reactions, he distinguished Beijing’s short-run explicit reactions, in words, and actions, as well as long-run and far-reached implicit reactions, which, though originate in history, are not less but perhaps more meaningful.