Chinese foreign policy


published: 2.08.2023

Book: China and International Norms - Evidence from the Belt and Road Initiative

This book, edited by Autonomous University of Madrid Associate Professors Mario Esteban and Yue Lin, explores the relationship between China and international norms through the lens of The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Presenting seven case studies, the book highlights China’s stances toward international norms that govern different international issues. The case studies reveal that the normative function of the networks built under the BRI is limited and contains noticeable variations between domestic norms and international ones in China, resulting in implementation gaps between rhetoric and deeds.

Unlike current literature on this issue, which is scattered in terms of topics covered and methodology used, it constructs a holistic theoretical/methodological framework which can be utilized to study a State’s position toward different international standards.

In light of China’s increasing international influence and proactive and assertive foreign policy, this study will be of interest to officials and practitioners involved in foreign policy and international cooperation, and to student and scholars of global development and international relations.