EU-China relations

Closed-door event

DWARC general assembly meeting


Nov 2023


DWARC general assembly meeting
China Horizons consortium members, Copenhagen, photo: CBS

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) hosted this year's Consortium meeting – we are summing up Year 1 of our work and paving the road ahead. Our meeting also included Danish policy-makers.

The get-together attended by the representatives of all institutions involved was concluded by the session on change in relations with China moderated by Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) Mikko Huotari. Our experts Kjeld Erik Broodsgard, Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Jean-Louis Rocca, Jean-François Di Meglio and Abigaël VASSELIER shared the future perspectives of where we are going in dealing with China.

We are happy to have reviewed our achievements and set the path for the next months. Next meeting at SWPS University in Warsaw!