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From “common” to “public”: What tools for understanding opinion in contemporary China?


Oct 2023

Paris | online

From “common” to “public”: What tools for understanding opinion in contemporary China?

Contemporary Chinese society is extremely dynamic, characterized by profound and original opinion movements. However, this dynamism is often obscured by a lack of understanding of the Chinese context, as well as by the pervasive influence of the so-called "Western model," which frequently serves as a point of reference in academic discussions on the concept of opinion. The aim of this seminar is to shed light on the formation of opinions in both Chinese and non-Chinese contexts, as well as to address the specific challenges that China presents in this regard.

The seminar offers a two-fold perspective, both through the experience gained in Chinese fieldworks and through a mirrored exploration of foreign fieldworks. The speakers have carried out pioneering work that very early on focused on the value of individual expression within the collective, and on taking account of regional specificities against the backdrop of a broader comparative horizon.


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  • Isabelle Thireau, EHESS-CNRS
  • Laurent Thévenot, EHESS
  • Camille Salgues, Sciences Po-CERI


  • Jean-Louis Rocca,Sciences Po-CERI