Françoise Mengin

Françoise Mengin

Senior Research Fellow at Centre for International Studies (CERI), Sciences Po

Political scientist, specializing in the political trajectories of China and Taiwan

Her research focuses on the Chinese world, i.e. the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities, in a historical sociology perspective. She has conducted it along several thematic lines: imperial legacy and the formation of the state in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; Western Europe’s China policy; the PRC presence in Cambodia; Taiwan’s democratisation; China-Taiwan relations; the part played by Taiwanese entrepreneurs in the PRC reform and opening policy.

Her current research project is on Taiwan’s denied statehood, its genesis, and the specific mechanisms generated by this unique case. At the crossroad of the sociology of international relations, international law, and area studies, and viewed from a comparative perspective, it aims at unfolding the paradox of a state fully integrated in international exchanges while its statehood is being denied. Her past and current research is based on extensive fieldwork within each of the area under study.

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