Matthias Stepan

Matthias Stepan

Research Associate at Ruhr University Bochum

Public Management and Comparative Public Policy: Governance and Policymaking

Matthias Stepan is a researcher and experienced manager. In the consortium he is in charge of knowledge management. He coordinates the flow of information and research, stimulates discussion and exchange across the boundaries of work packages and participating institutions.

Matthias Stepan has a working record in different sectors. To add two of his most recent appointments, he served as Chief Representative of the Stiftung Mercator to China (2019-2023), as member of the management board and co-director of the research area Politics, Society and Media at the Mercator Institute for China Studies – MERICS (2014-2019). In the late 2000s, he was contributing as junior expert to the “EU-China Social Security Reform Cooperation Project”. His publications include peer-reviewed articles in leading scientific journals, policy reports, and policy briefs.

A Mandarin speaker, Stepan spent more than five years living in China. He has traveled widely in the country. Furthermore, he gained work experience in major German companies, such as Siemens and Mercedes-Benz.

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